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(11:30:53) Azda:


(11:30:02) Emma (guest):


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(10:13:20) Molly:

Talking to me? Hello, mooh!

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(22:32:18) Azda:

January 26, 2019: DAD @ Cascais Rock Fest, in Estoril, Portugal!

(14:35:29) Azda:

the Metal Crash Festival has been removed from the tour list for the moment, it has been postponed and will reappear when all info regarding the new date is there

(00:23:25) Jon Y (guest):

D-A-D road leads to Electric Chicken

(00:23:25) Molly:


(00:26:09) Jon Y (guest):

godt gået Hr Binzer & Mates

(13:44:43) Azda:

new date for the Metal Crash Festival is May 18, same line-up, tickets: https://www.reservix.de/tickets-metal-crash-festival-in-giessen-hessenha...

(16:09:47) Azda:

tonight at 21:20 on TV2 Danmark and TV2 Play: TV2 Danmark celebrating 30 years, with DAD and many others - https://play.tv2.dk/

(16:10:07) Azda:

tonight Saturday, that is Smiley-midget

(21:23:58) Azda:

check out the teasers on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/d.landafterdark/

(12:03:59) Azda:

to celebrate the new album, only three shows in DK!

(10:43:53) Azda:

in the studio...

(17:09:52) Dean Dilorenzo (guest):

who is the main songwriter in D-A-D-?

(17:09:52) Molly: